Fall Model Session, October 2015

February 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

I first met Whilloe when photographing a wedding last summer.  I always tend to gravitate toward kids for photos, even at weddings, and when I sorted through my images later on I found this one.


I knew that I *needed* to have this girl in front of my camera again, so I contacted the bride, who put me in contact with Whilloe's mother, and we arranged to meet in the fall for a model session.  The evening we ended up meeting, we were blessed with the type of beautiful, perfect light that just makes me adore the Upper Peninsula in the fall.  I knew that we had some amazing images, but unfortunately had to put off editing them until I could give the time they really deserved.  Fast forward to February of the next year, and I *finally* have them done!  In fact I have so many images that it motivated me to write my first blog post in almost a year!  I'm going to skimp in the writing, though, and let the images speak for themselves - they're better at it anyway.


Oh, that face . . . She's going to be a force to be reckoned with. 


Make a wish.


I want to thank Whilloe and her family a thousand times for meeting up with me for this model session - it was a welcome change of pace to do something just for my own creative outlet.  I hope that Whilloe enjoyed her time modeling, and I hope she (and her sister!) may want to meet again in the future!  (Next time I promise I will get to the images much quicker - thanks so much for your patience!)


Beautiful pictures!
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