Sophia, 2 months

May 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sophia was another "older" baby coming in for a newborn session.  I pulled out every trick I knew and she was just *not* having anything to do with sleep for the longest time (I think the only baby ever to not fall asleep in the potato sack pose!) but we did finally get her out for a very brief time and I made the most of the little sleepy time we had.  I didn't mind Sophia being awake one bit though - she was a happy little girl, and gave me some of the best parts of photographing older babies - smiles!  Plus - just about the most amazing eyelashes I've ever seen!


These last two looks were just for her mama - just look at the love in that face already.  *This* is why I don't turn away "older" babies, and *this* is why I encourage pictures so, so much - everyone deserves a picture of their baby looking at them like that.


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