Copper, 1 year | Escanaba Michigan Family Photographer

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I last met Copper and his family back in October, when Copper was only 5 months old and could barely sit up on his own.  Just 7 months later he is running around, exploring, taking in the world.  He has that wobbly gait that is so endearing - before mom and dad know it, he will be running steady, like a big kid, and it will seem to them that he always has.  Only when looking back at photos of this age will they realize how much he has changed. 

The day after our October session Copper was also fitted with his helmet, and has been with him 97% of the time since then.  I love that mom and dad wanted to incorporate it into his photos this time, because it truly is a part of this stage of his life, something to be remembered.

Something about Copper just always makes me smile - the same now as back in October.  His name, for one thing, I just love - plus he's stinking adorable, and so sweet.  His parents are a treat to work with too - they just have fun during their sessions, and you can see the joy they take in their little boy.

I love the light from this session, and all the little moments that show what it is to be 1.  Enjoy :)


Thank you guys for choosing me again to capture your photos!


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